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All of them are part of my collection but they all must go ;A;

Pm me if interested. Thank you! :)

TEEN TOP (all KR VERSION with 1 free random teen top polaroid for each album)

1st album - “Clap encore” - P500

2nd single album - “Transform” w/ poster - P500 - SOLD

2nd mini album - “Its” w/ poster [ricky photocard] - P500 - SOLD

3rd single album - “Summer special” w/ poster - P500 - SOLD

3rd mini album - ”Artist” (POSTER ONLY) - P150

4th mini album - “Class” w/ poster -P500 - SOLD

CNBLUE ( KR version unless otherwise stated)

1st mini album “Bluetory”  w/ poster + 2nd mini album “Blue Love” w/ poster + 1st album “First Step” w/ poster ( ALL PH VERSION) with free cnblue clearfile and sticker - all for P700 *free shipping*

3rd mini album “earfun” (normal edition) KR - P500

Cnblue season greetings 2012 KR - P1500 *free shipping*


Unofficial photobook - P500 *free shipping*

SUPER JUNIOR (ALL KR VERSION, all with random freebie)

5th album - “Mr. Simple ver. A” Leeteuk cover w/ poster [with leeteuk starcard] KR - P500

6th album - “SFS ver. A” w/ poster KR [with leeteuk jp panel card] *free poster SFS ver. B” - P500

3rd asia tour - “Ss3 dvd” w/ poster [with random freebie] KR - P1000

1st look magazine (May 2012, leeteuk cover) with random freebie KR - P150

[Leeteuk] Fansite goodies

Spotlight file folder and plastic fan (with random freebie) - P500 - cheering towel (with random freebie) - P500

EXO (M and K) Mama (poster only) KR- P150 each - SOLD

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